A tool for readers

Keeping a record of the books you've read is not a new idea. For years, I've kept an old legal pad with lists of my reads, one sheet for each year. BookJournal.com is a place to record your titles in the cloud. But this app does so much more than that. You can create a journal entry for each book, recording your thoughts about it, your favorite characters, and quotes that struck you as significant.

Features designed to be flexible

A book journal should't be a chore. So, we've designed BookJournal.com to be flexible. Search for books by title or author and add them to your bookshelf with the click of a button. Write as much or as little as you want. Record extensive notes about one book and virtually nothing for another.

Track your reading activity

Set a reading goal in your profile. Track your progress on your dashboard. View your history. Filter your bookshelf to find a specific book. It's all at your fingertips.

See what your friends are reading

Of course there's a social aspect to BookJournal.com. You can add friends, view their bookshelves, and read their journal entries.

Increase your effectiveness and retention

A terrific blog post by Ken Norton, entitled How I Read More Books, provides some great insights into motivating yourself to read more. Many of his suggestions are encapsulated in the features offered by BookJournal.com. They include tracking your reads, queing up your next read, and recording knowledge gained by each read.